London Film School

Looking for a great film editing school? Founded in 1956, The London Film School is one of the oldest film schools in the world. They celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2006.

Many famous film editors graduated from The London Film School, including Julian Doyle, Mark Goldblatt, Kant Pan, Robert Leighton, and Nic Gaster.

Many other great filmmakers in all areas of film making have graduated from London Film School, including Michael Mann, Tak Fujimoto, Roger Pratt, Ueli Steiger, Luis Mandoki, Curtis Clark, Bill Douglas, Franc Roddam, Alain Tanner, Ian Wilson and Anne Hui.

Graduates from London Film School work in all facets of film and television production in more than 80 countries.

The London Film School is an accredited member of the Screen Academy Network and is approved by the UK film industry as a centre of excellence. They are a non-profit educational charity. All fees are spent 100% on teaching and the costs of filmmaking (which is 100% covered by fees).

Located in Covent Garden, only a few hundred yards from Soho in the United Kingdom, the London Film School offers an intense multi-department filmmaking program, the 2-year MA Filmmaking.

The London Film School believes that students benefit most from an intense base in all technical and craft skills involved in filmmaking.

Filmmaking students participate in the making of six compulsory films over the 2-year program - five structured film exercises plus a graduation project. Film making students work with 16mm, and 35mm, with a range of formats.

During your first year at the London Film school, you will begin working professionally across all technical departments and craft skills: Directing, Cinematography, Operating, Sound, Film Editing, Production Design or Producing. During your second year, you can begin to gravitate towwards a specialization.

You will work with everything from 35mm studio cameras (Panaflex Gold/Moviecam SuperAmerica) to Dolby Digital sound. You will get to do professional dub and non-linear editing conformed to a 35mm print with rostrum-shot titles. You will also have the option to work on DV and Digi-beta.

Over 180 film exercises and films are produced per year by the London Film School, and they participate in over 100 international festivals. In 2004, films produced at the London Film School won 11 major international prizes.

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