Top Film Editing Schools

Looking for a film editing school? Want to know where your favorite film editor went to school?

Film editors have almost as much influence on a film as the actors and director do - maybe more. Think about it... The film editor takes all of the pieces of a film - the plot, the musical score, the footage, and creates the final experience movie-goers will see. Film editing sets the pace and controls the experience, merging all of the pieces into the final film.

In film editing school, you will learn the art of film editing as well as the technology of film editing. It will be your job as a film editor to bring the director's vision into focus and turn it into a dizzyingly fast action film or a poignant tear-jerker, a side-splitting comedy or a shocking work of horror.

At Top Film Editing Schools, you won't just find links to the top film editing schools in the world... No, we'll even help you find out where YOUR favorite film editor went to school. After all, isn't that one of the best references there is, that a film editing school has produced a film editor whose work YOU respect?

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